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Work for a Million

Last year I was invited to draw a pinup for an interesting Kickstarter campaign, which was launched earlier this week by Hope Nicholson and Bedside Press. The campaign is for a new graphic novel to be adapted from the 1980’s crime fiction novel, Work for a Million by Eve Zaremba, notable for being the first pulp novel to star a lesbian private investigator. In addition to the new graphic novel, Bedside Press will also be reissuing the original prose novel with a new cover.

The graphic novel will be adapted by writer Amanda Deibert and artist Selena Goulding. The cover is by Sean Phillips.

I drew this pinup for the project and it will also be the cover of the new edition of the original novel.

Check out the Kickstarter here!

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Experience teaches only the teachable.

Back in 2013 I was creating a comic book called Curriculum with Ryan K Lindsay and Dan Hill. I also drew the first chapter of the series, with Marissa Louise on colors.

Now Curriculum is finally out as a web comic, which updates three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and there’s a new writer/artist team in each chapter.

The story starts right here:

Hope you like it!

Curriculum exists in a pulp-sci setting, sitting at a point in the universe where Godland, Runaways, and E.C.’s Weird Science collide as we follow a teacher and a group of his students who are transported across the galaxy during a field trip. Each issue focuses on a member of the cast as they struggle to find their way home. On the way, they’ll find dead civilizations, psychic horrors, cults, vengeful gods, and good old fashioned monsters. It’s here, at the fringes of the galaxy, that they’ll begin to unravel their own personal mysteries, coming of age in a universe that seems to want them dead.

Cover art (above) by me and colors by Marissa Louise

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Abbott #5

Abbott #5 wraps up Elena’s first case and is out now! Thanks for letting us share this story with you. It’s been a great ride.

The finale has already got some nice reviews. Here are some of them:

Comicsverse: Supreme Magic at Work in ABBOTT #5 Review
GWW: Abbott #5 Review
Adventures in Poor Taste: Abbott #5 Review 

Written by Saladin Ahmed
Colors by Jason Wordie
Lettering by Jim Campbell
Covers by Taj Tenfold
Published by BOOM! Studios